2023 TOP PCB Manufacturers List in Europe


PCB is used in various electronic devices, and as European countries continue to develop more electronic applications, the demand for PCBs is expected to rise. PCB is one of the most vital components of an electronic product, and it is essential to select the right PCB manufacturer for quality assurance. If you are looking for the Top 10 PCB manufacturers in Europe for your next project, we have compiled a list of them below:

Table of Contents

1.    AT&S

2.    PCB Design Ltd.

3.    Würth Elektronik Group

4.    NCAB Group

5.    KSG GmbH

6.    Schweizer Electronic AG

7.    Aspocomp

8.    Eurocircuits

9.    ICAPE Group

10.  Elvia PCB

11.  Conclusion


 1. AT&S

 Company Profile
AT&S is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in Europe, producing high-end prototypes in various fields such as medicine, aviation, and measurement technology. As global IC substrate manufacturers for PCBs in Europe, AT&S produces semiconductor substrates for cameras, phones, computers, and portable music players. AT&S has more than 35 years of experience in the industry and is a trusted supplier for many leading companies.

– Founded: 1987
– Headquarters Location: Leoben, Austria
– Total Market Value: $814.9 million USD
– Company Website: https://ats.net/en/
– Main Products: IC substrates, multi-layer flexible circuits, semiconductor substrates, and PCBs.

 2. PCB Design Ltd.

Company Profile

PCB Design Ltd. is a leading independent professional design house that provides product development services from concept to manufacturing, including system design, schematic capture, PCB layout, IBIS simulation, and small series high-end prototyping. They focus on manufacturability, industrial standards, and cost-effective implementation when designing PCBs to provide the best possible product for their clients. Their state-of-the-art facility can produce circuits consisting of FPGA, high-speed, and mixed-signal designs.

– Founded: 2005
– Headquarters Location: Budapest, Hungary
– Total Market Value: $300 Million
– Company Website: https://pcbdesign.hu/
– Main Products: Feasibility study, analog circuit design and simulation, digital circuit design, and PCB layout

 3. Würth Elektronik Group
Company Profile

European PCB manufacturers realize that printed circuit boards are more than just component holders. They play a vital role in electronic designs, so Wurth Electronic strives to provide customers with the best possible solutions. The manufacturer offers three variants of PCBs with different dimensions: flex-rigid, flexible and bendable. The group’s portfolio also includes components for power supplies, circuits for automotive applications, LED assemblies, and more.

– Founded: 1971
– Headquarters Location: Nuremberg, Germany
– Total Market Value: USD 1.01 billion
– Company Website: https://www.we-online.com/en/
– Main Products: Custom transformers & magnetics, Inductors, Common mode chokes, RF components, Ferrites, EMI shielding, and PCBs.

4. NCAB Group
   Company Profile

NCAB Group is one of the leading European PCB manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of PCB prototypes. PCBs for demanding customers, on time with zero defects, and with complete traceability. NCAB has a track record of supplying high quality products from their production facilities located in several European countries. Their comprehensive solutions cover all aspects of PCB manufacturing, from design services to materials selection, and manufacturing.

– Founded: 1993
– Headquarters Location: Sundbyberg, Sweden
– Total Market Value: USD 375 million
– Company Website: http://www.ncabgroup.com/
– Main Products: PCB Engineering, PCB Technology, PCB Design, OEM, and PCB Prototype.

 5. KSG GmbH
  Company Profile

KSG GmbH is one of the Printed Circuit Board market leaders in Europe with a strong focus on technology and innovation. The company has two plants, one located in Gornsdorf, Germany and another in Austria. All products are manufactured exclusively within Europe to ensure the highest quality for their international customer base. At KSG, forward-looking technologies are developed from samples to large-scale production . They strive to continually be at the forefront RF solutions as well as high-current and thermal management issues that may arise.

– Founded: 1878
– Headquarters Location: Gornsdorf, Germany
– Total Market Value: USD 162 million
– Company Website: http://www.ksg-pcb.com/
– Main Products: HDI/SBU PCBs, High-frequency PCBs, Semi-flexible circuit boards, Embedded Technology, Double-sided printed circuit boards.

6. Schweizer Electronic AG

 Company Profile
Schweizer Electronic AG, a Germany-based company, specializes in producing printed circuit boards (PCBs). The company is divided into two segments: electronic and systems. The electronic segment handles PCBs’ development, manufacture, and sale, while the system segment focuses on providing technologies that integrate active and passive components into a PCB. Schweizer Electric is known for being the market leader in Europe regarding automated protection against rail accidents for both passenger and freight lines. Additionally, railway automation and high-availability radio systems are part of their product range/ offerings.

– Founded: 1849
– Headquarters Location: Schramberg, Germany
– Total Market Value: USD 131 million
– Company Website: https://www.schweizer-electronic.de/en/
– Main Products: PCB, Embedding, Electronics, Automotive, Innovation, Embedded Systems, Semiconductor, Automation, Industrial Automation.

7. Aspocomp

Company Profile

Aspocomp provides PCB technology design, testing and logistics services over the entire lifecycle of a product. The company’s own production and extensive international partner network guarantee cost-effectiveness and reliable deliveries. They offer an array of standard and specialized printed circuit boards, including high-frequency, thin-film and Microvia PCBs.

– Founded: 1979
– Headquarters Location: Oulu, Finland
– Total Market Value: USD 37 million
– Company Website: http://www.aspocomp.com/
– Main Products: PCBs, Flex circuits, IC substrates, HDI, Microvia.

 8. Eurocircuits

Company Profile

Eurocircuits is a supplier of Prototype and Small Series PCB’s with its own manufacturing facilities in Europe. It also offers PCB Assembly Services and Assembly Equipment. Eurocircuits is a master of printed circuit boards, able to produce prototypes and conduct fabrication and assembly with precision. Eurocircuits provides high mix, low to mid volume, high tech solutions for leading companies across the world- empires in their respective fields who rely on us to maintain Print Circuit Board manufacturing at its finest.

– Founded: 1991
– Headquarters Location: Mechelen, Belgium
– Total Market Value: USD 17 million
– Company Website: https://www.eurocircuits.com/
– Main Products: PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and Assembly, OEM, Industrial Automation and PCB Prototypes.

9. ICAPE Group
Company Profile

ICAPE Group has a long experience in the production of Printed Circuit Boards. The company is based in France and focuses on producing high-end PCBs for automotive, medical, industrial, defense, aerospace, and other industries. ICAPE offers technologies like HDI boards and multi-layers of rigid and flexible PCBs.

– Founded: 1999
– Headquarters Location: Fontenay-aux-Roses, Ile-de-France
– Total Market Value: USD 219 million
– Company Website: http://www.icape-group.com/
– Main Products: High-Density Interconnect (HDI) boards, multi-layers rigid and flexible PCBs for automotive, medical, industrial, defense, aerospace, and other industries.

10.Elvia PCB
 Company Profile

This French-based PCB manufacturer started in 2005 and has, since then, become a go-to for many electronic device design productions. With 450 trained employees satisfying customer e-manufacturing demands, this company does everything from circuit board assembling to post-sale support of different electronics components and devices. Furthermore, Elvia PCB specializes in prototype fabrication and repairs, ensuring their clients are never left hanging with a faulty product or service.

– Founded: 2005
– Headquarters Location: Coutances, France
– Total Market Value: USD 85 million
– Company Website: https://www.pcb-elvia.com/
– Main Products: Circuit board assembling, post-sale support of different electronics components and devices, prototype fabrication, and repair services.


The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing industry is highly competitive, with many manufacturers producing high-quality products worldwide. The top 10 PCB manufacturers listed above have all established themselves as leaders in the field and have provided customers with reliable products for decades. Each of these companies has its unique strengths and specialties, which make them stand out from the competition. With their dedication to quality and innovation, these companies will continue to be major players in the PCB industry for years to come.