2023 Chinese New Year Holidays -- Time to prapare your orders in advance

The public Chinese New Year holiday 2023 is January 21st to January 27th. As this is a national holiday it affects all production in China and Taiwan.

We are preparing action plans together with our customers to find different ways of working around disruptions.


All our efforts are always focused on your production, and our Factory Management team will be manned during the entire Chinese new year. But despite all the precautions we are taking, it could be good to think ahead and plan for the Chinese new year to avoid disruption in your production. We have made a list of a number of proactive measures to think about. 

Important actions that will make your Chinese new year a happy one

ü  Together with READA Team, plan your production before and after the CNY – look at what could be produced earlier 

ü  Prioritize your most critical products 

ü  Keep close communication with Reada team and we will give you any helpful advices.

ü  Buffer stock managed by READA