Electronica Munich 2022 —World's leading trade fair and conference for electronics

One of the largest trade shows in the world, Electronica, is making its return next week in Munich, Germany.

The show will feature new sensors, industrial and automotive components, industrial ICs and much more. Here’s a partial list of what technology to expect during the show taking place Nov. 15 through Nov. 18.


Many new sensor announcements will be unveiled at Electronica 2022.

Pearl Semiconductor will introduce what it claims is the first ever true single-die reference clock technology. Called SingleDie, the technology enables the embedding of a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator into a larger CMOS IC on the same die.

This results in a low-noise, on-chip reference clock platform for automotive and industrial applications in harsh environments.

Excelitas Technologies Corp. plans to display its sensor and detector offerings for use in electronics applications including a series of photodiodes for radon gas detection and alpha particle detection.

The company will also introduce a new infrared sensor for temperature monitoring with on-board EEPROM the sensor enables thermal stabilization in harsh conditions for factory calibration data storage. The sensor allows for remote over-temperature protection, mid-field human presence sensing, far-field human motion detection and passive light-barrier sensing for people counting.

Finally, ams Osram will bring its latest sensing and lighting solutions to the trade show, including sensors for industrial, automotive, wearable, horticulture and healthcare markets.